Two massive bombs defused in Dak Nong province hinh anh 1Soldiers are moving a bomb to the military drill ground for defusing. (Source: VNA)

Dak Nong (VNA) – Two large bombs recently discovered in Gia Nghia town and Krong No District in the Central Highlands province of Dak Nong were defused by bomb disposal engineers from the Dak Nong military command on May 18.

Both the bombs are of MK82 type, weigh 227 kilograms each, are 1.33 metres in length with a diameter of 27.3 centimetres and contain 87.2 kilograms of Tritonal explosives. They have a blast radius of 300 metres and were dropped during the Vietnam War.

One bomb was found in Gia Nghia town on May 16 by Nguyen Van Chien’s family when they were digging holes to plant pepper trees , while the other was unearthed in Krong No District was discovered by Diep Bach Long in his garden on May 15.

The bombs were then moved to Duc Xuyen military drill ground in Krong No District for defusing.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Le Duc Chinh from the provincial military command, the bomb density in the province is still relatively high and affirmed the command’s army engineers would coordinate with district military units to detect and dispose of unexploded ordnance.-VNA