Two new species of Camellia from Vietnam published in Korean journal hinh anh 1Camellia Vu Quang found in Vu Quang National Park (Source: Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy)

Hanoi (VNA)
– Two new species of Camellia flowers found in Vu Quang National Park in Vietnam’s central province of Ha Tinh have been entered the Korean Journal of Plant Taxonomy.

During a field trip in 2016 to survey Camellias in the park, Vietnamese researchers collected two species of Camellia, namely Camellia Vu Quang and Camellia Ha Tinh. 

Both have yellow flowers, according to Nguyet Viet Hung from the department of science-technology and international cooperation of the park.

The new finds are different to all known Camellia species. Camellia is the largest genus of the Theaceae, with an estimated 120 to 300 species.

About 80 percent of these species are found in China and others are located in Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Recent Camellia discoveries have increased the number of species recorded in Vietnam from 50 to 75, making Vietnam a centre of diversity and a crucial area for more research into the Camellia.

The Vu Quang National Park with about 1,678 species of vascular plants, 94 species of mammals, 315 species of birds, 58 species of reptiles and 31 species of amphibians, including many endemic and rare species, have been recorded, indicating that the park is a centre of biodiversity in Vietnam.-VNA