Two-millennium bronze drum discovered in Thanh Hoa hinh anh 1The drum is 59cm in diameter and 43cm high, but it is not intact (Photo: VNA)

Thanh Hoa (VNA) – A bronze drum was unearthed in Vinh Loc district, the central province of Thanh Hoa, which, as scientists believed, dates back 2,000 – 2,500 years.

The drum was found on September 25 when a resident in Cau Mu hamlet of Vinh Long commune was digging ground for building his house.

It is 59cm in diameter and 43cm high with surface decorated with a raised 12-pointed star pattern along with other sophisticated patterns. However, it is not intact due to oxidation.

Researchers believe that the artefact might be a Heger Type I drum (in the Dong Son culture) which appeared about 2,000 – 2,500 years ago.

A metal sword blade with a length of about 40cm was also discovered beside the drum.

The Conservation Centre for the Citadel of the Ho Dynasty, a world heritage site near the place where the drum was found, said scientists will continue researching the origin and value of the artefact.

Dong Son drums are iconic items of the ancient Vietnamese’s Dong Son culture, a Metal Age archaeological culture. They are usually big and have well-proportioned shapes, showing high production skills and aesthetics of the ancient people.

The Dong Son culture got its name from Dong Son village on the bank of the Ma River in Thanh Hoa province. A number of bronze drums were found by chance in 1924, marking the first evidence of the culture's existence.-VNA