The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has chosen the current national U19 team to compete at the coming Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore.

VFF Chairman Le Hung Dung said last week that the federation was targeting the long-term future of the sport, rather than immediate results, so it will focus on supporting these young players.

"Our point is that Vietnam must be a strong team that not only triumphs in one year, but in many years to come. So we decided that the SEA Games team (under-23 years old) must include players who are qualified (in term of age) to compete at the 2017 Games. Therefore, the U19s will be key players at the Games next year," said Dung.

"They are our future and I totally believe they will play their best for their career, as well as for Vietnams football," Dung added.

Most of the U19 team players are from Hoang Anh Gia Lai club, who will make their V-League debut on January 4.

The 28th Games will be held in June in Singapore.-VNA