On May 7, Vietnam commemorates Lord Buddha’s 2564th birthday in Quan Su Pagoda, Hanoi.

This year, there is no mass celebration during the event due to COVID-19. The ceremony was simplified, but still grave.

The message of the ceremony mentioned the global crisis during COVID-19 pandemic…and said ‘’humankind must wake up, must act kindly, also study about cultural living and sense of consensus in society’’.

In early morning, Buddhist dignitaries and followers attend a ceremony…held by the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. Everyone wears facemasks and strictly follows safety rules.

Lord Buddha’s birthday is held annual during a full moon in April of the Lunar calendar.

During Lord Buddha’s birthday, Buddhist dignitaries and followers do not slaughter. They become vegans and worked for charity.

Since 1999, United Nations recognized Lord Buddha’s birthday as a global cultural festival. In Vietnam, Lord Buddha’s birthday is an important ceremony.

On this day, people celebrate in many ways but must remain the Buddhism spirit…which is simple, saving and kindly./.