The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) unveiled its report, titled “Trans-national Organised Crime in East Asia and the Pacific: a Threat Assessment” in Hanoi on August 14.

The report describes in detail operation mechanisms of trans-national organised crimes as well as gives estimates of the proceeds gained by criminal gangs through activities involved in human trafficking, migrant smuggling, drugs, counterfeits and plants and animal smuggling.

In presenting the report, UNODC Chief Representative in the Southeast Asian and Pacific region Jeremey Douglas said that transnational crime is now a global concern as illegal profits of criminal groups in East Asia and the Pacific alone can also cause social instability for the entire world.

The report estimates that regional criminal gangs and groups can earn about 90 billion USD each year from illegal activities, 13 times higher than the GDP of Laos. In which, the trade of fake products brings biggest profits with 24.4 billion USD, followed by the smuggling of wood (17 billion USD), heroin (16.3 billion USD) and methamphetamines (15 billion USD).-VNA