UN Women organisation came into effect on January 24 with the primary objective to promote women’s advancement and full involvement in global issues.

The UN Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (its official name) was founded in July, 2010 after merging and building on the important work of four previously distinct parts of the UN system.

Its executive director Michelle Bachelet, former Chilean President and UN Vice Secretary General, said women’s industriousness and creativeness is the largest resource that humankind left largely untapped.

She clarified UN Women’s obligation as to encourage women of all nations to tap this resource in service of humanity.

The UN Women Director emphasised five high priorities that member states should focus on, namely to strengthen women’s leadership and economic empowerment, stop violence against women and ensure that women must be at the centre of peace talks and post-conflict reconstruction as well of national planning and budgeting.

Bachelet pledged technical and expertise support for developing and developed nations to create new resources based on long-term values and initiatives and to mobilise women and men from different nations, societies and communities to join hands in implementing common goals./.