The Vietnamese Embassy in France on May 19 organised a ceremony at Montreuil Park in Montreuil city to mark the 121st birth anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh and 100 years of his departure to the world to seek ways for national salvation (June 5).

At the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador Le Kinh Tai said though passed away for 121 years President Ho Chi Minh’s image is still and will be alive forever in the mind and heart of the Vietnamese people as well as of the French friends.

He expressed his thanks to Montreuil authorities for making the statue of President Ho Chi Minh, placed in the Montreuil Park , as part of the city’s cultural heritages and also said the space reserved for President Ho Chi Minh in the Montreuil Museum of History should be maintained and developed.

Montreuil Vice Mayor Claude Reznik and Advisor to the Regional Council of the Ile de France Patrice Bessac laid a wreath in tribute to President Ho Chi Minh at the statue of the President and recalled President Ho Chi Minh’s stay in France during his journey to find the ways to save the nation.

They said that President Ho Chi Minh will always be a companion of the Communist Party of France and his image will never fade in memories of the French people who love Vietnam .

The same day, a similar ceremony was held at the memorial site to President Ho Chi Minh in London where there stood Carlton Hotel where President Ho Chi Minh worked between 1913-1917. The site is now the Embassy of New Zealand.

Granma daily, the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba on May 19 published an article, praising the life and revolutionary cause of President Ho Chi Minh./.