A ceremony to publicise the late President Ho Chi Minh’s prison diary was held at the head office of the Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB)’s Central Committee in the capital Dhaka.

Taking part were the President of the CPB Manzurul Ahsan Khan, Secretary General of the CPB Mujahidul Islam Selim and Vietnam ’s Ambassador to Bangladesh Nguyen Van That.

On addressing the event, the CPB President reviewed President Ho Chi Minh’s revolutionary career and praised the huge contribution he made to Vietnam ’s liberation.

Ambassador That thanked the Communist Party of Bangladesh and the translators for the respect they had shown for President Ho Chi Minh. He said he hoped that the ‘Prison Diary’ and ‘Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary cause’ published in Bangladeshi will help the local people and younger generation understand more about President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam.

The Ambassador congratulated the translators for the effort they had put in while translating the diaries from Vietnamese to Bangladeshi. He stated that their work was a truly meaningful way of celebrating the 122 nd anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s birth and the 40 th anniversary of the two nations first establishing diplomatic ties.

The translator of the ‘Prison Diary’, Ovinu Bibria Islam, born 1986, is a lecturer at the Jessor Polytechnic Institute.

Earlier in February, the ‘Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary cause’ by writer Moshin Shastrapaniwas re-printed for the fifth time in Bangladesh . It was first published in 1972.-VNA