The team advised Cao Bang province to strengthen educational activities on the geopark, particularly among students, mobilise the community’s engagement in developing the site, add explanations about the park in local ethnic languages on information boards erected in the park, and pay greater attention to the protection of biodiversity in the area.

They also asked for Cao Bang’s coordination in preparing documents to apply for hosting the Asia-Pacific Geopark Network Symposium in 2024.

Earlier, the UNESCO working group made field trips to districts in the east, north and west of Cao Bang.

Located in the north of Vietnam, 300km from Hanoi, Non Nuoc Cao Bang has been recognised as a UNESCO global geopark, becoming the second of its kind in Vietnam.

The geopark is a land of tangible and intangible cultural heritage sites and special historical monuments. The area is also well-known for its high biological diversity with abundant endemic plant and animal species and ecosystems./.