Unexploded ordnance found in Thai Nguyen hinh anh 1UXO is a potential threat to junk business (Source: VNA)

Thai Nguyen (VNA) – Lots of unexploded ordnance (UXO) have been found in localities across the northern province of Thai Nguyen, announced the provincial Military Command on April 13.

On April 12, Nguyen Van Giai from Nga My commune, Phu Binh district unearthed an object, which was later confirmed a 500kg unexploded wartime bomb, when he was clearing the site to build a house.

The same day, two more similar bombs were discovered by Tran Quang Loi in MinhTien commune, Dai Tu district. They weighed over 500 kg each

Previously on April 6, several pieces of UXO were uncovered by Duong Quang Thap in Tan Thanh ward, Thai Nguyen city.

The objects included a bomb without explosives inside weighing one tonne and some 500kg of ammunition.

The Thai Nguyen Military Command together with local authorities are devising measures to handle theUXO and ensure safety for locals.

An estimated 800,000 tonnes of unexploded bombs and mines leftover from wartime are buried over 20 percent of the country’s territory, mainly in the central region, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.Leftover wartime bombs and mines have claimed about 42,130 lives and injured 62,160 others across Vietnam.

It is estimated it will take 100 years and 10 billion USD to clear post-war mines remaining in Vietnam, the ministry said.

The Vietnamese government approved a 2010-2025 national programme on tackling post-war bombs, mines and unexploded ordnances on April 21, 2010, known as Programme 504. Its goal is to use national and international resources to minimise the effects of UXOs on social-economic development, defence and security, while ensuring safety for people and helping victims reintegrate into society.-VNA