The UN Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) will help Vietnam optimise energy saving in industry.

A project, with a total cost of over 6.62 million USD financed by the Global Environmental Fund (GEF) will be carried out over three-and-a-half years from May to realise the work.

The project was designed for industrial enterprises to save energy in their whole production systems and raise their capacity in application of ISO standards for energy management, to integrate energy saving as part of the management process and implement sustainable energy-saving solutions.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Hoang Quoc Vuong, Vietnam ’s National Target Programme on Energy Saving from 2011-2015 plans to save between 5-8 percent of energy.

At the signing ceremony of the project’s document in Hanoi on May 18, Representative at UNIDO Country Office Vietnam Patrick J. Gilabert said Vietnam is a country with relatively high energy use in comparison with other developing countries, but industrial enterprises have little knowledge of optimising their energy-saving systems.

He expressed his belief that the capacity of energy saving may reach 25 percent depending on each optimised system.

The projects will be implemented for enterprises of food processing, garment and textile, rubber, paper and pulp processing.

The project will help train Vietnamese experts on energy saving, engineers and managers of factories in utilising energy-saving systems./.