The peace worshipping ritual has been practiced for a long period of time and been passed down through generations. The ceremony is held four or five times a year, around the second, fourth, seventh, tenth, and 12th lunar months.

People gather to elect a noble man to perform the ritual each time, who becomes the shaman for the ceremony. He is responsible for looking after the village’s communal house, where the ceremony is held, and organising ceremonies around the village.

Offerings are quite simple and are grown or raised by the Dao Thanh Y people.

At the end of the ritual, people in the village jointly prepare a feast, which aims to strengthen solidarity and help people become closer in order to build a rich and beautiful homeland.

The Dao Thanh Y people’s peace worshipping ritual demonstrates the inheritance of cultural essence. It is a beautiful part of the ethnic group’s cultural life that needs to be preserved and promoted./.