Every year, at the end of the harvest season, the Si La people begin their Tet celebrations. There is therefore no exact time for Tet, as it depends on when the harvest is completed, which is usually lunar October or November.

On the first day of the new year, all Si La families slaughter a pig, whose size depends on the economic conditions in each household. However, it must be a black male pig. The Si La believe that the sooner they slaughter the pig the greater the luck in the new year.

After the worshiping ceremony, the family enjoys a meal at the house of the family head. They also take some of the offerings home. 

The Si La people did not hold any entertainment in the past due to their migratory lives. With the support and encouragement of local authorities, many cultural and sports contests are now held during their new year holiday.

People from the ethnic minority group have a deep love of the arts and considers playing and listening to music an indispensable part of their spiritual lives. Flutes and bamboo fiddles are the most common musical instruments./.