Le Cong Kieu street in District 1 has long been known as a venue for antique trade. On the 200-meter-long street lays a series of antique shops.

The street is a popular venue for both domestic and foreign antique collectors, dealers and researchers.

Bookworms in Ho Chi Minh City also have their intimate venue to visit on Tran Nhan Ton street in District 5, where they can easily find any genre of books, even the rare ones. The old book street is a wonderful place to nurture people’s reading culture.

Birds of a feather flock together.

It’s a tradition that Vietnamese businesses of the same trade often gather to form a trading village or street. Ho Chi Minh City with its 300-year history is no exception. Its trading streets of jewelry, herbal medicine, antique trading, book, wooden furniture, musical instrument, and many more are luring visitors to experience the distinctive trading trait.

Preserving architecture and promoting trade on such streets in line with landscape renovation are of the southern hub’s priorities with a view to supporting the local people’s livelihood and improving the city’s image.

Trading streets are expected to offer visitors an interesting shopping experience and provide them with knowledge about Vietnam’s distinctive traditional values when in the southern hub of the country.-VNA