The US band Amigos staged a free music performance at the Hue Central Hospital in the central province of Thua Thien-Hue on April 14 as part of the ongoing Hue Festival 2014.

The five-member group brought to the patients a variety of music genres from blues and jazz to rock and roll, which won big applauds from the audience.

Nguyen Tuyen, a patient from Huong Hoa district of central Quang Tri province, shared his joy over the festive atmosphere which he said is a great source of encouragement to the patients and helps them get well soon.

Before taking part in the Hue Festival, the Amigos has toured Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, and most recently the capital of Hanoi.

Besides this performance, the US band is staging two more free events in Hue city.

Singer Brianna said this is the first time her group has come to Hue, noting that they were very happy to perform there for the friendly people.

The organising board of the Hue Festival said the La Colmenita Children’s Theatre of Cuba will also stage a performance at the Hue Central Hospital on April 15.

Also during the Hue Festival, the eighth of its kind, Vietnamese and Japanese artists for the first time performed together the royal court music and dances of their own countries at the 3-2 Park on April 14.

The same day saw domestic and foreign art troupes throwing music banquets at 18 sites in Hue city.

The biennial Hue Festival, which is taking place in the UNESCO-recognised World Cultural Heritage city of Hue from April 12 – 20, has drawn 43 art troupes at home and abroad, which will join in hundreds of performances highlighting the rich cultures of different countries in the world.-VNA