A trip through Hanoi , Hue , Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh cities has given a group of US congressional staffers worthwhile experiences to learn more about Vietnam .

" Vietnam is wonderful, the people are terrific," said the head of a delegation of staffers of five US senators and two US representatives, Terry Lierman after returning from the trip, which was from April 17-24.

He told the Washington-based Vietnam News Agency correspondent that he was impressed with the Vietnamese people. “They are very open, they are very understanding, and they are very involved in the country."

Terry Lierman, Chief of Staff of the office of Steny H. Hoyer, Democratic Whip in the US House of Representatives, said the trip was to put together himself and other congressional staffers to learn more about Vietnam and to open up ideas that the US and Vietnam might be able to work together.

Visiting Vietnam for the first time, Mark Buse, Chief of Staff of the office of Senator John McCain, commented, "To experience it ( Vietnam ) first hand is amazing and to see how dynamic it is, how busy it is, and how friendly its people are."

He stressed that the Vietnam trip helped him see a huge potential for growth and potential dialogue between the two countries, noting that he gained "a lot of understanding about Vietnam , the ability to put all issues in the past behind us to move forward".

To better their relationship, the US and Vietnam should have "greater understanding of each other’s culture and the needs of each other’s country", Buse said.

"Clearly, economic growth in our two nations, reciprocal growth with trade and economy, is vitally important. And you’ll see that when you are on the ground in Vietnam ."

According to Buse, the two countries should continue developing the economic relation, trade and other issues of diplomacy and defense.

"We have to obviously address the cleaning up of Agent Orange (in Vietnam ), but also trade imbalances, issues of human rights, and have greater understanding," Buse said, adding "All those issues are linked together. We can’t deal with one without the others."

Recalling his visit to the Friendship Village where he met with victims of Agent Orange, Buse said, "I think we (the US and Vietnam ) can work cooperatively to help address those issues" and "The US has obligations to do."

Regarding different views between the two countries in some issues, including human rights, the US congressional staffers underlined the necessity for the two countries to continue to expand conversations and continue to talk for better mutual understanding./.