The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has decided to cancel anti-subsidy measures against companies exporting frozen shrimp from Vietnam.

The decision came after the USITC’s six-member committee took a vote on the issue, with four members voicing their support for the cancellation on September 20.

The import duty on Vietnamese shrimp – which ranged from 1.15 percent to 7.88 percent as set by the DOC – has now been lifted.

On August 13, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) announced it was introducing an anti-subsidy duty on Vietnamese frozen shrimp, reasoning that any subsidy would pose a threat to the US shrimp industry.

This is a twin victory for Vietnamese shrimp exporters, Vietnam ’s commercial counsellor in the US , Dao Tran Nhan, said in an interview with Vietnam News Agency.

On September 10, the DOC announced the results of a review on frozen warm-water shrimp from Vietnam . It found that Vietnamese businesses did not dump their shrimp products on the US market, undercutting domestic producers, during the February 2011-January 2012 period.

The outcome is that at all 33 Vietnamese shrimp exporters will now enjoy a zero import tax rate in the US and be refunded the taxes they paid earlier.

America is now Vietnam ’s leading shrimp importer, contributing one quarter of the country’s total shrimp export turnover of 1.7 billion USD in the first eight months of this year.

Vietnam ranks fifth among shrimp exporters to the US , earning 4.3 billion USD from the market last year.-VNA