The US Government has announced a 1.69 million USD environmental remediation project to support Vietnam in addressing Agent Orange/dioxin contamination at the Da Nang Airport.

According to the US Embassy’s press release on Oct. 1, the “Environmental Remediation at Da Nang Airport : Assessments and Engineering Plans and Design” project will be carried out by the CDM International within a year.

Under the project, the Vietnamese Government and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) will jointly conduct an environmental impact assessment and develop engineering designs, specifications, and plans. A detailed implementation approach will also be worked out.

The project’s outcome will inform subsequent efforts to construct a secure landfill and remove contaminated soil and sediment from hotspot areas and contain them in the landfill.

With the project, the US Government has committed more than two-thirds of the 6 million USD of Congressional funding it has received for AO/dioxin environmental remediation and health activities, said the press release./.