US media highlights DPRK-USA Hanoi Summit hinh anh 1US President Donald Trump (R) and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un at Metropole hotel (Source: VNA)

Washington (VNA) - The US’s media has made judgments about the results of the first working day of the second summit between US President Donald Trump and leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) Kim Jong-un in Hanoi on February 27.

AP News constantly updated activities of Trump as well as his meeting with Kim.

Trump and Kim projected optimism on February 27 as they opened high-stakes talks about curbing Pyongyang’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, a problem that has bedeviled generations of leaders, AP said.

According to the news agency, the two leaders shared smiles and friendly gestures, and had dinner before entering the summit.

AP also cited the US and DPRK leaders, as showing their optimism about the outcomes of the summit.

Meanwhile, the Hill said President Trump expressed a positive and upbeat attitude as he said that he "thought the first summit was a great success" and added that he hopes "this one is equal or greater."

However, some US experts proved quite cautious when predicting the meeting results.

The newspaper quoted experts as saying that Trump was too optimistic about the prospect of achieving complete denuclearization in the Korean Peninsula.

In articles in New York Times, Washington Times and CNN, other experts said Trump has shown a tendency the DPRK leader is sure to try and exploit: making unexpected concessions, such as reducing the number of US troops stationed in the Republic of Korea.

Although there are still many different predictions about the outcome of the summit between the US and DPRK leaders, the US press showed belief that the meeting is a good opportunity for the two sides to continue to sit for negotiations and build trust towards a common goal of peace on the Korean Peninsula, and in the region and the world.-VNA