The US State Department has opposed China’s imposition of new fishing restrictions in the East Sea , saying the move is provocative and potentially dangerous.

At a daily press conference at the State Department’s headquarters on January 9, spokesperson Jen Psaki said the passing of these restrictions by China ’s Hainan province on other countries’ fishing activities in disputed portions of the East Sea is a “provocative and potentially dangerous act”.

She said the Chinese side failed to offer any explanation or basis under international law for its extensive maritime claims.

The restrictions, which were adopted by Hainan legislature last November and took effect on January 1, 2014, require foreign fishing boats to seek approval from the provincial authorities before operating in the East Sea – which China claims its territory.

New regulations might include a fine of up to 82,600 USD for violated vessels. The information is being verified by the Philippine Government, spokesman of the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs Raul Hernandez said on January 8.-VNA