An oil painting exhibition opened in Hanoi on December 16, showcasing more than 30 portraits of Vietnamese poets and writers by US war veteran Kevin Bowen.

Entitled “A face of history”, the event is open to the public until December 18.

Poet and President of the Vietnamese Writers’ Association Huu Thinh said that the exhibition reflects the heart and sentiment of the US poet and painter towards his Vietnamese colleagues and the country’s literature, and helps boost cooperation between the two writers’ associations.

Bowen said that the portraits are his way of honouring Vietnamese artists who have helped him improve his understanding of the war in Vietnam .

As a US veteran of the war in Vietnam , Bowen has come back to the country several times to participate in activities to strengthen the peace and friendship between the two nations.

As a poet, writer and painter, he has also canvassed US politicians and people to support Vietnam , and contributed to the normalisation of the two countries’ relationship.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese Writers’ Association also held a meeting between Bowen and other renowned Vietnamese and US artists.-VNA