The United State will provide technical assistance for Myanmar to help the country’s tilapia fish breeding, said Myanmar’s press on July 21. 

The ‘New Light’ of Myanmar quoted the country’s Fisheries Federation as saying that as part of the efforts to promote Tilapia fish farming, a team of US experts will give advice and fish farming technique to Myanmar to enable the country to export high-quality fish and fish products. 

The team will also help Myanmar develop a model of organic fish farming, it added. 

Currently, Myanmar exports more than 120 items of fishery products. The country has over 100 seafood processing factories but only some of them can produce high-quality products. 

According to reports, in the 2012-13 fiscal year, which ended in March, Myanmar shipped over 37,000 tonnes of seafood products. 

The country’s seafood export is expected to rise this year as the European Union (EU) plans to import seafood products from Myanmar following its removal of trade sanctions on the country.-VNA