Two-way trade turnover between Vietnam and the US in January 2011 reached nearly 1.8 billion USD, an increase of 301.3 million USD or 21.3 percent over the same period last year.

According to data released by the US Department of Commerce, in the first month of this year, the US imported from Vietnam 1.38 billion USD worth of goods, an increase of 19.53 percent over the same period last year; while it exported goods at a total value of 334.6 million USD, up by 29.16 percent from Jan. 2010's export value.

United States International Trade Commission's data showed that among Vietnam's exports to the US in January 2011, apparel and clothing accessories retained the first ranking with export value of 548.8 million USD, 89.8 million USD higher than Jan. 2010.

Taking the second place was footwear with 170.9 million USD, an increase of 33.5 million USD. Furniture followed with an export value of 158.6 million USD, a 20.8 million USD rise from Jan. 2010; and electrical machinery and equipment and parts with value reaching 69.4 million USD, up 17,7 million USD from the same period last year.

Fish and aquatic invertebrates fetched an export value of 61.7 million USD, an increase of 18.1 million USD over the corresponding month of 2010.

Cotton, including yarns and woven fabrics thereof, topped US exports to Vietnam in January 2011 with value of 59.6 million USD, up 51.6 million USD over the same period last year. Coming second was machinery and mechanical appliances, parts thereof with value reaching 31.2 million USD, a decrease of 32.2 million USD.

It was followed by electrical machinery and equipment (with value of 23 million USD, up 161 percent); and iron and steel (with value of 21.9 million USD, up 128 percent). Vietnam's import of U.S. vehicles and parts and accessories thereof continued decreasing, down from 23.2 million USD in Jan. 2010 to 20.4 million USD./.