US-Vietnam relationship strong, Gen. James Jones says

United States National Security Advisor James Logan Jones Jr. affirmed that the US - Vietnam relationship is very good and it will continue to grow.
United States National Security Advisor James Logan Jones Jr. affirmed that the US - Vietnam relationship is very good and it will continue to grow.

In an interview granted to US-based correspondents of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Radio the Voice of Vietnam and Vietnam Television on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the US (July 12), General Jones said: “I am really very proud of the fact that the relationship is very good one and we have every reason to expect that we continue to improve it better.”

“Obviously I think it started with the great amount of help and compassion that the Vietnamese government showed in all our efforts to recover those who were missing in action (MIA) and we appreciate that very much and that grew into a more normalised relationship that was highlighted by trade relations, I think starting with a few hundred millions dollar that is now a 16 billion dollar trade relationship, which is remarkable and there is no reason why that shouldn't continue and even grow,” Jones said.

Asked which spheres will be prioritied to promote the relationship between the two countries, the US National Security Advisor said: "I think that we have balance, depends on how the world changes, some years it could be a security relationship, other years it would be trade but I think the growing friendship and the trust and the confidence are there and very strong and I think they will continue to develop."

To VNA's question on Vietnam's role in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), General Jones said: “We think Vietnam is on the threshold of becoming a very responsible nation which should be capable of exerting leadership on the big issues of the region and on the subject matters that face the world."

The US General added that Vietnam can now play a leadership role by showing examples of a better way for countries to make progress and to provide the welfare citizenship.

According to the US National Security Advisor, US - Vietnam relationship is important to Asia - Pacific region’s security and the two countries' security relationship is one of bright lights.

He said: "Peaceful development of those relationships among all countries of the Pacific rim is part of our national strategy to make the world a safer and more peaceful place through better understanding and exchanges of views and greater cooperation across a whole variety of engagement, subjects not just military to military. Security in the 21st century is far more about how we handle our climate, energy and trade and that kind of scientific cooperation, education these are things we should be worried about in common. If we able to do that we all prosper and benefit. That is why I think that the future of specifically US and Vietnam is very bright."

Asked about whether President Obama has plans to visit Vietnam in the near future, General Jones said: "I hope that in some days the President could visit Vietnam because it is a very important thing to do.”/.

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