Applying science and technology advances in agricultural production is vital to help develop the socio-economy in the Mekong Delta, a Government official said on November 26.

Minister of Science and Technology Nguyen Quan made the remark at a conference, which is part of the ongoing Mekong Delta Economic Cooperation Forum (MDEC Vinh Long 2013) in Vinh Long province, to review the operation of science and technology advances application centres nationwide over the year.

According to the ministry, during the 2012-2013 period, up to 60 of the 63 centres conducted more than 200 projects on agriculture, energy, biotechnology, food technology and intellectual property, and finalised 1,851 advisory, service and technology transfer contracts.

Participants held discussions on the application efficiency of the advances in provinces across the country, seeking ways to improve the capacities of the centres.

They reached a consensus on the need for close connections between Mekong Delta localities and relevant ministries in order to map out favourable policies on human resources treatment and training in the field.

Those involved recommended that budget allocated for science and technology development should be spent properly, in parallel with supported policies for technology transfer and application in agriculture.

The same day, scientists and officials from regional institutes and universities had a working session with Minister Quan to seek ways to handle difficulties facing technology transfer and application in economic development such as human resources attraction and facilities building.

They voiced their readiness to provide inter-training programmes to Vinh Long as well as other regional localities.-VNA