Users advised to not share private info on social media hinh anh 1Cyber security experts have advised users not to share private information on social media networks.
(Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - Cyber security experts have advised users not to share private information on social media networks in light of a recent incident in which some 50 million Facebook users’ information was collected without their consent.

The internet giant maintains that technically no hacking or security breach took place as the information was collected by a third party app disguised as a personality quiz. While users taking the quiz were asked to provide their information, the app went on to collect details about their Facebook friends without their knowledge.

Speaking to the Vietnam News Agency, Vo Do Thang, Director of the Athena cyber management and security centre, said while there may not have been a breach, social media users must remain vigilant in protecting their data.

Thang noted security loopholes such as the one that allowed Facebook users’ information to be stolen are not uncommon among social media platforms.

Cyber security experts from CMC Infosec, an internet security firm, said users must pay attention to apps that require access to their information and only allow those from trusted sources.

Passwords should be changed every 3-6 months with the use of multi-factor authentication when possible. Important information such as bank account details and credit card numbers should never be shared on social media, including messenger apps. If shared before they should be deleted as soon as possible.

Facebook is currently Vietnam’s most popular social media platform. There are over 50 million Vietnamese accounts, according to a report released by the Ministry of Information and Communications in a meeting with Facebook representatives in January.

While it has drastically transformed e-commerce in the country, there have been numerous instances of fake accounts impersonating public figures, or accounts created solely for the purpose of spreading fake news, messages of hatred and violence.-VNA