Van Cat temple is one of the principle temples among Phu Day relics. The temple is located in the north of Van Cat village, Kim Thai commune, about 1 km from Tien Huong temple.

It is placed between the temple of Van Cat village and Long Van pagoda where is for Buddha worshipping, thus forming a complex of Buddha - Mother – God worshipping.

Inside the temple, there are 4 palaces. The First palace is dedicated to Trinity of Mother Goddesses (Tam Toa Thanh Mau). There are 3 bronze statues in this palace, with the statue of The First Mother Goddess of Heaven (Mẫu Thượng Thiên) in the middle, The Second Mother Goddess of Highlands (Mẫu Thượng Ngàn) on the left, and The Third Mother Goddess of Water Palace (Mẫu Thoải Phủ) on the right.

The Second palace worships the Ladies of the Four Palaces (Hàng Tứ Phủ Chầu Bà) and the Three Grand Commanders (Tam tòa Quan Lớn), especially with two altar to worship the Tenth Prince (Ông Hoàng Mười) and Third Prince (Ông Hoàng Ba) respectively.

In the Third palace, The Pantheon of Four Palaces is worshipped. This palace also worships The Lady of Shrine (Bà Chúa Bản Đền). The Fourth palace, known as the main worshipping hall, also worships the Supervising Commander (Quan Giám Sát).

This palace has a Forbidden Chamber dedicated to Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh, which is only open to public on holidays or on the temple’s Opening Ceremony. In the temple, there are remnants of valuable couplets, plaques and horizontal lacquered boards engraved with Chinese scripts.

In addition, the unique features of the temple include the epitaph and the tower right at the main front. All the buildings are arranged to form an united and coherent complex, which still retains the traditional values of the old days.

Together with Tien Huong temple and Tomb of Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh, Van Cat temple was recognized as as a national-level relic in 1975 thanks to its historical and cultural values./.