The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) would pursue the country’s claim against US-anti-dumping measures on its frozen shrimp shipments, in order to protect the interests of Vietnamese shrimp exporters.

VASEP Chairman Tran Thien Hai made the statement on July 12 in response to information that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) on July 11 issued the final report of the panel to uphold two of three components in Vietnam ’s claim.

“If Vietnam wins the case, it should bring a great benefit to competitiveness of the country’s frozen shrimp on the US market; at the same time, the position of Vietnam ’s shrimp will be confirmed on the world market,” Hai said.

VASEP and consultants said if Vietnam won the case, frozen shrimp exports would enjoy immunity from paying advances related to anti-dumping scheme and exporters are likely to be fully exempted from anti-dumping tariffs.
VASEP reported that Vietnam had planned to earn 2.1 billion USD from exports of shrimp in 2011. Last year, shrimp export revenues reached 2 billion USD, with the US being the second-largest market after Japan. /.