The Vu Lan festival which falls on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month is an occasion for Vietnamese people to express their gratitude toward their parents. Going vegan is a way of showing appreciation and respect to the deceased. Vegan food market is available to meet the demand during this special occasion.

Vegetarian food, mostly vegan, has become increasingly popular in Vietnam over the last few years. All major cities, including the capital, have many restaurants that serve vegan food, and their number is increasing everyday.

 Vegans can find in Vietnam a variety of vegetarian dishes. However, the most common vegan dishes are made of đậu tương (soybeans). Apart from tofu, steamed and fried, soybeans lend themselves to tương đậu nành(soya paste), chả  luạ chay (veggie Vietnamese ham) and a wide variety of other dips and dishes.

A set of vegan tray with from 9 to 12 dishes are priced from 600,000 dong to 3 million dong.

For many Vietnamese, a vegan diet is traditionally confined to two sacred Buddhist days a month, an observance of compassion for all sentient beings.-VNA