Vegetarianism is widely applied by a large number of religious people, especially Buddhist followers. Nowadays, not only as a religious belief, vegetarianism has become a choice as a healthy way of eating.

Having vegetarian food on the first and 15th day of a lunar month or four times a month has become a habit among Buddhists. Many of them eat vegetarian food for a week or a month to uphold Buddhism’s spirit. Vegetarianism is now applied by many non-religious people as it helps improve health.

Due to increasing demand, the number of vegetarian restaurants is rising. Many of them attract foreigners. Vegetarian food is popular, so sellers have to ensure food safety, hygiene.

From a religious practice, vegetarianism has become a food trend worldwide as it is considered good for people’s health. However, experts suggested vegetarians pay attention to getting enough nutrition for their bodies. Each person should also choose a suitable diet depending on their health.-VNA