Venezuelan ambassador hails Vietnam’s gender equality promotion efforts hinh anh 1Venezuelan Ambassador to Vietnam Tatiana Pugh Moreno (L) grants an interview to the Vietnam News Agency. (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) Venezuelan Ambassador to Vietnam Tatiana Pugh Moreno has lauded Vietnam's national strategy on gender equality for the 2021-2030 period, which aims to create favourable conditions and opportunities for women to engage in and benefit from all aspects of life, contributing to promoting the country’s sustainable development.

Speaking to Vietnam News Agency on the threshold of the 13th National Women Congress that will take place from March 9-11, the diplomat highlighted the important role women have been playing throughout the national construction and defence of Vietnam.

She said that while women in many countries around the world are still struggling to protect their own rights, in Vietnam the Government has worked hard to build policies to ensure gender equality, considering it as a demand and part of the human rights that need protecting and promoting. This shows that Vietnam has recognised the significance of the role of women in all areas of the political, economic and social life, she stressed.
Venezuelan ambassador hails Vietnam’s gender equality promotion efforts hinh anh 2Women delegates at the 13th National Party Congress. (Photo: VNA)
The ambassador held that the upcoming 13th National Women Congress has an important meaning to Vietnam, which is a chance to evaluate the achievements that they have gained in the past five years and challenges facing them in the future.

She underlined that the role of women and the gender quality issues was mentioned by President Ho Chi Minh right from 1930 when the Communist Party of Vietnam was founded. Throughout the struggles for national independence and liberalisation, Vietnamese women became a “long-hair” army. Today, during the country’s “Doi Moi” (Renewal) cause and economic development process, women are still affirming their role by actively engaging in and taking more and more leading positions in the political system, she noted.
Venezuelan ambassador hails Vietnam’s gender equality promotion efforts hinh anh 3Doctors at the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases show optimism during fight against COVID-19. (Photo: VNA)
Women take 9.5 percent of total seats at the 13th Party Central Committee, and 30.26 percent at the National Assembly of Vietnam, she noted, adding than many women are leaders and owners of businesses and are making positive contributions to the national economic development.

The Venezuelan ambassador expressed her belief that in the future, Vietnamese women will continue to take more important positions in political, cultural and economic activities and further affirm their role in the society.

Tatiana Pugh also expressed her strong impression at the hardworking of Vietnamese women. They can be seen working in offices, streets, at home, and in schools, she said, adding that Vietnamese women always work hard with constructive spirit and creativity.

Despite the long distance, women in Vietnam and their sisters in Venezuela have shared many similar values, especially the confidence in solidarity, tradition, love and work. Vietnamese women always work to build their families and develop their own hobbies, and so do Venezuelan women, stated the ambassador.
Venezuelan ambassador hails Vietnam’s gender equality promotion efforts hinh anh 4Female traffic police officers (Photo: VNA)
On the occasion, she recalled the story about the meeting 57 years ago in Hanoi between President Ho Chi Minh and Venezuelan revolutionary leader Elizabeth Tortosa, the wife of Jesús Faría Tortosa - the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela (1910 - 1995). Elizabeth Tortosa then wrote about the meeting with her deep impressions at the brainpower of President Ho Chi Minh, a great leader, she said.

The Venezuela’s Ministry of Women and Gender Equality has worked to add a subject named Elizabeth Tortosa with gender equality promotion contents into the curriculum in universities. This not only aims to honour Venezuelan but also Vietnamese women, as Elizabeth Tortosa is a symbol of the solidarity between Vietnam and Venezuela, she said.

On behalf of Venezuelan people and women, Ambassador Tatiana Pugh wished that the 13th National Women Congress of Vietnam will be a great success, and Vietnamese women will continue to accompany the nation during the national cause of construction and defence./.