Venezuelan TV channel Telesur screened the documentary film “Journey to a country that no longer exists” by Cuban director Isabel Santos on May 4 on the occasion of the liberation of South Vietnam (April 30) four decades ago.

Co-director Isabel Santos and filmmaker Ivan Napoles worked to portray the drastic changes in Vietnam after Napoles return forty years later to the land which in his memory had suffered from significant pain and loss from the war.

Ivan Napoles and Cuban co-director Santiago Alvarez travelled to Vietnam a number of times in the 1960s and 1970s to film war-torn Vietnam and the late President Ho Chi Minh.

His latest trip, however, revealed a country with strong economic development and happy people.

The film also reflects the special sentiment of 79-year-old Napoles and other Cuban people towards Vietnam, especially of those who witnessed the losses and sacrifice the country suffered during wartime.

Standing in front of President Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, Napoles recalled how he wept together with Vietnamese people when the leader passed away 44 years ago. He was deeply moved by the great post-war achievements that the Vietnamese Party, Government and people have reached.

Before screening the film, Telesur TV also broadcast the news on the grand ceremony to mark the liberation day of South Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City.

It also highlighted many articles on the war aftermath in Vietnam with over 6 million tonnes of bombs dropped by the US and the consequences of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin contamination.-VNA