Artisans from the Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo craft village in Hanoi on July 11 learnt about weaving techniques used by Venezuela's Warao indigenous people.

At a workshop in Hanoi , Warao artisan Lilisbeth Aguilera shared with her Vietnamese peers the traditional weaving techniques that Warao people use to create many products including bags, hats, slippers, baskets and jewellery. All the products are made from natural materials such as water hyacinth, fibrous plant curagua and seeds.

Araceli Garcia Reyes, director of the Venezuelan National Centre of Handicrafts and Fine Arts, informed the workshop of the handicrafts produced by different tribal groups living in Venezuela .

She also spoke about her government's policies to support Venezuelan artists to preserve and develop their skills, which contribute significantly to the multi-ethnic culture of the country.

Vietnamese painter and expert on handicrafts and fine arts Vu Hy Thieu also spoke at the workshop, which was part of an ongoing exhibition of Venezuelan handicraft products at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts.-VNA