The latest version of the only global industry-supported portal, Verafirm, which effectively aids businesses in managing their software and efficiently documents, was officially introduced in Vietnam on August 29 by the BSA Software Alliance with the support of the US Embassy in the country.

Verafirm operates as an online and smart portal on which businesses are able to look for information and manage their software assets. It is based on the cooperation with the world’s software giants and prestigious experts.

Registering on Verafirm, companies find it easier to control and save their data on purchased products.

In Vietnam , the portal not only helps local enterprises simplify their software asset administration but also raises their competitiveness thanks to the efficient use of the system.

Once registering on the portal, businesses will receive a Verafirm certification affirming that they comply with the law of intellectual property and business ethics.

The BSA expressed belief that Verafirm will play a crucial role in protecting software copyrights, helping improve Vietnamese exporters’ prestige in the US market and create a better business and investment climate for foreign enterprises in Vietnam.-VNA