Verdict for anti-State instigator Tran Thi Nga remains unchanged hinh anh 1Tran Thi Nga at court (Photo: VNA)

Ha Nam, (VNA) - The high-level court on December 22 upheld the verdict for Tran Thi Nga, who was previously sentenced to a nine-year imprisonment on the charge of conducting anti-State propaganda under Clause 1 of Article 88 of the Penal Code at the first-instance trial in July this year.

At the appeal trial held in Ha Nam province, Nga, who was also imposed five years of house arrest following the prison term, did not admit her law violation. However, based on documents and evidence collected during the investigation process and verified at the trial, along with testimony of witnesses and the argument at the trial, the judge concluded that she was guilty.

According to the indictment of the high-level People’s Procuracy, Nga, born 1977 and a resident in Phu Ly city, Ha Nam province, opened a blog and Facebook account under the names of “Thuy Nga” and “Tran Thi Nga” along with a YouTube account under the name of “tran thuy nga” to post information and video clips to spread reactionary ideas and distort guidelines and policies of the Vietnamese Party and State between September 2014 and January 2017.

Nga also created and stored 13 video clips defaming the administration and
popularising one-sided and superficial views, aiming to stir up public worries, undermine the national unity bloc and people’s trust in the administration.  

Nga also wrote and put up many slogans defaming Party and State leaders and security forces, and calling for boycott of the election of deputies to the 14th NA and all-level People's Councils of the 2016-2021 tenure.-VNA