Before the Day of Vesak 2019, Chairrudin Kuslan from Indonesia and Bhikkhu Chunming Chen from Taiwan were strangers. They met each other and found common interests in Buddhism straight away at the festival. They became friends and attended many of the four-day festival events together.

According to Bhikkhu Chunming Chen, Taiwanese delegate, his friendship with Mr. Chairuddin is a destiny.

We believe we will stay friends and support each other for some time afterwards." He said.

According to Buddhist philosophy, people meet each other for some destined reason. Vesak 2019 in Vietnam is a gathering point for people from all walks of life.

After the successful hosting of such great international events as APEC 2017, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea-United States summit this year, the 16th UN Day of Vesak 2019 once again confirms Vietnam as a country that stands for peace and cooperation. –VNA