For soldiers, their military missions often leave them with a deep impression, which affect every sphere of their life, even when they already retired. Let’s meet a veteran naval soldier in Da Nang city to see how the mission of safeguarding Vietnam’s sea and islands sovereignty impacts on his business philosophy and charity works.

It’s been 30 years since veteran Tran Van Xuat retired from his mission in Truong Sa Dong offshore island. The senior veteran now still bears in mind a typical Vietnamese soldier’s attitude of helping his comrades and other people.

Since retiring from his mission, Xuat started his business of making and trading stone carving products. Through his workshop, the veteran provides free vocational courses and jobs for his comrades’ family members.

The senior veteran is also dedicated to charity works, especially those relating to kids. He has provided scholarships for disadvantaged kids and those with disability so that they can live a better life when growing up.

As a former naval soldier, Tran Van Xuat also organize various activities to raise people’s awareness on Vietnam’s sovereignty over seas and islands.-VNA