The reunion between Vietnamese experts and soldiers, who had once voluntarily served in Cambodia, and their best Cambodian friends in Hanoi on March 30 was full of unforgettable experiences.

Former head of the Vietnamese expert mission Nguyen Van Xe recalled his experiences in restoring roads for traffic in Cambodia after the Angkor Wat country was liberated, as well as in preparing for the provision of material and human resources for the transport and communication sector in Cambodia .

“Vietnamese experts and the first Cambodian post and communications workers, including former Minister Khun Chhy, had shared numerous difficulties and hardships, including the lingering threat of death, to fulfil their tasks,” said Xe, who was also a former Deputy Minister of Transport.

At the age of 75, former Minister of Transport and Communication Khun Chhy of Cambodia was still in good voice, trying to speak Vietnamese with his “Vietnamese brothers who were far away for a long time” to cement close fraternity.

“Vietnamese experts and Cambodian cadres had only river water to drink and were suffering huge hardships in making temporary bridges from banana or coconut trunks during their field trips,” he recalled.

He expressed thanks for Vietnamese assistance in training generations of transport and communication personnel for Cambodia since the early 1970s.

Many alumni from Vietnamese universities have been contributing to the national construction in Cambodia and more and more will follow suit, he said.

Tran Dac Su, rector of the Transport University which hosted the meeting, described the event as full of unforgettable experiences and a momentum to boost friendship between the two countries to a new height.

The Cambodian delegation consisted of 11 people who had once sheltered and provided huge assistance for Vietnamese experts and soldiers in Cambodia./.