VFF President hails VNA as strategic information channel hinh anh 1VNA General Director Nguyen Duc Loi (L) and VFF Central Committee President Tran Thanh Man (Source: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) Central Committee Tran Thanh Man praised the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) as a worthy strategic information agency of the Party and State during his visit to the State-run agency on June 15 on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21).

Talking to VNA officials, reporters, editors and technicians, Man said with a 73-year history, the VNA is the only press agency that was awarded with both the titles of Hero of the People’s Armed Forces and Labour Hero during the Reform Period, reflecting the Party and State’s appreciation for VNA’s contributions to the cause of national liberation, construction and defence.

He lauded VNA officials, reporters, editors and technicians in 63 cities and provinces and 30 bureaus in five continents for promptly covering events in the country and across the world while closely following the Party policies and State laws. Through its work, the agency has contributed to preventing and driving back degradation in political thoughts, moral virtues and lifestyle, “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” behaviours and fighting corruption.

The VNA has help promoted patriotic emulation campaigns launched by the VFF, actively competed in VFF-sponsored press awards on strengthening the great national unity and fighting against corruption and wastefulness”.

The VFF leader especially highlighted the VNA’s television programme “Power of great unity” broadcast at 10:40am each Sunday on its TV channel V-News, which was welcomed by the public and VFF chapters.

Man asked the VNA to continue partnering with the VFF Central Committee to popularise emulation campaigns launched by the VFF, and produce more articles and works that bring to light negative, corruption and wastefulness cases in line with the Resolution adopted by the fourth plenum of the 12th National Party Committee.

VNA General Director Nguyen Duc Loi, for his part, said as a national press agency and a strategic information channel of the Party and State, VNA will keep striving to fulfill tasks assigned by the Party, State and people, and cover “hot” and sensitive issues in line with guidelines by the Party and State.

In the afternoon the same day, Man also visited and congratulated Vietnam Journalists’ Association and Dai doan ket (Great unity) newspaper on the press’s anniversary.-VNA