The sixth conference of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL) Executive Committee convened in Hanoi on July 2 with a focus on improving the working performance of the Confederation’s Inspection Committee.

Reviewing activities carried out in the first half of this year, the conference spoke highly of trade unions nationwide for their strong shift to grassroots activities, particularly their role in addressing problems arising in relation to the one-time payment of social insurance. The trade unions’ recommendations on making changes to the 2014 Law on Social Insurance were accepted by the Government and the National Assembly, which helps enhance workers’ trust in the trade union organisation.

Trade unions at all levels also play an important role in promoting patriotic emulation campaigns, attracting thousands of ideas and solutions to stimulate national development.

Despite this, trade union activities are still affected by economic troubles and complicated developments in the regional security situation. In the first five months of 2015 alone, over 3,800 businesses filed for bankruptcy while more than 22,700 suspended their operations, forcing 180,000 workers to register as unemployed.

In January-June, there were 235 labour disputes, 59 more than the same period last year, many of which resulted in strikes.

In such situations, trade unions and relevant authorities made timely interferences by explaining the law to workers, reassuring them about their prospects and preventing strikes.

In his speech, VGCL President Dang Ngoc Tung asked trade union activists at all levels to stay close to the workers, especially in industrial and processing zones to timely notice emerging issues.

Trade unions at all levels were requested to improve and spread trade union activities within their organisations to successfully realising socio-economic goals.

The conference also elected members to the VGCL Executive Committee and Presidium.-VNA