Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan visited the Thai province of Khon Kaen on June 24 before concluding her visit to the country, at the invitation of Prime Minister Yingluck Sinawatra.

On meeting the Governor of Khon Kaen province Sombat Treewatsuwan, Vice President Doan gave her thanks for the welcoming ceremony and went on to highlight the achievements the province has made in socio-economic development.

Doan underlined that Vietnam and Thailand are neighbouring countries with a long traditional friendship and share many traditional customs and culture.

She also reiterated Vietnam’s policy of increasing its traditional friendship and cooperation with Thailand, adding that cooperation between different localities is important for fostering the two countries’ relationship.

Governor Treewatsuwan said Khon Kaen, which is located in the East-West Economic Corridor, has worked closely with several Vietnamese localities to explore the corridor’s strengths and potential.

Khon Kaen University and several Vietnamese universities have exchanged under-graduate and post-graduate students, lecturers and researchers. The province also often invites Vietnamese businesses to attend trade promotions and conferences to share their experiences.

Vice President Doan thanked Khon Kaen for supporting the Vietnamese community who live in the province, saying she hopes the provincial authorities will continue to work with Vietnam’s Consulate General to help the community integrate into the local society.

Later the same day, Vice President Doan received Thai senator Prasert Prakhunsuksapan.

Earlier, she visited the Vietnamese Consulate General and met with representatives of the Vietnamese community in Khon Kaen province.

She stressed that the Vietnamese Party and State always cares for the overseas Vietnamese population in Thailand and in Khon Kaen in particular.-VNA