Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has lauded the US Government’s recent active involvement in addressing the consequences left over from the American war in Vietnam while noting it a long-term, difficult task needing joint efforts.

Doan met with Deputy Director of the US’s Aspen Institute (AI) Elliot Gerson, Director of the AI’s AO in Vietnam Programme Charles Bailey, and their entourage in the Vietnam-US Dialogue Group on Agent Orange/dioxin, in the capital Hanoi on October 23.

She mentioned to the detoxification of dioxin at Da Nang airport in Vietnam’s central region, the active coordination in poverty reduction, and assistance to people with disabilities and the war consequence surmounting efforts in Vietnam.

The Vice President hailed the role and positive contributions of AI in arranging dialogues for Vietnam and the US to seek effective solutions to the war consequences since the 1980s.

She held that Vietnam and the US should further promote action plans, especially communications campaigns, to aid in dealing with war consequences.

Doan said she hopes the Vietnam-US Dialogue Group on AO/Dioxin will continue to make more concrete contributions to the field.

Elliot Gerson expressed desires to continue working with the Vietnamese side in the area in the coming time, affirming continued efforts and assistance through humanitarian activities.

He said information collected during his trip to Vietnam this time will be submitted to the US Government in order to seek more productive solutions to the coordination and assistance to Vietnam in this issue.-VNA