Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has praised the great contributions made by former female drivers along the historic Truong Son trail during the resistance war against the US invaders.

Meeting with the regiment of female drivers in Hanoi on December 27 on the occasion of its 45 th founding anniversary (December 18), Vice President Doan stressed that the Party and State always pay special attention to volunteer soldiers, including Truong Son female drivers, through specific guidelines and policies.

She expressed her hope that they will continue to set an example for younger generations to follow in implementing the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws.

During the resistance war, many women in the North volunteered to drive along the Truong Son trail, braving difficulties and dangers to transport supplies for the South.

They made contributions to the momentous victory of the legendary Truong Son troops, which helped encourage patriotism in Vietnam and other parts of the world.-VNA