Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has reiterated the great friendship, special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between Vietnam and Laos over the recent past.

At a reception for a visiting delegation from the Laos-Vietnam Friendship Association led by its Vice President Vilayvong Bouddakham in Hanoi on November 25, Vice President Doan applauded the working session between the guests and leaders of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association to review the two sides’ recent cooperation and discuss their future action plans.

Doan said it is necessary for the two sides, especially the young generations, to continue to boost effective activities to reinforce their valuable friendship.

She also highly valued activities held by the two associations in the Vietnam - Laos, Laos - Vietnam Friendship and Solidarity Year 2012, especially the 3 rd Vietnam-Laos People’s Friendship Festival and the special publication themed “Vietnam-Laos in my heart”, expressing her hope that the two sides will continue to bring into play such achievements.

Vilayvong Bouddakham agreed that the two associations need to work together closely to promote the friendship between the two peoples, especially popularising and training the youth about the Vietnam-Laos special relationship.-VNA