Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan highlighted the important role and contributions of women in all areas from politics and economics to society and family, during the 23rd Global Summit of Women in Kuala Lumpur on June 6.

Addressing the event as a special guest, she cited that many women are successful leaders in many countries, international organisations, economic corporations and businesses.

The Vice President spoke highly of the theme of this year’s event, “Women: Creating New Economies”, especially in the context that numerous countries are striving to restructure their economies to improve efficiency for sustainable development and optimise resources.

She went through Vietnam’s economic development achievements over the past years, and shared Vietnam’s policies and practical experience in promoting the role of women in creating new and more sustainable economies, especially when the country is prioritising economic restructuring, macro-economic stabilising and shifting the economic development model to a sustainable and green one.

Many Vietnamese businesswomen are pioneers in a number of new economic sectors and have made significant contributions to the country’s sustainable development process, she noted.

Vice President Doan asked all countries to establish legal frameworks, institutions and policies to ensure gender equality, especially equal access to opportunities.

She also called upon social organisations and the community to increase support for women in order to change public awareness and remove all obstacles faced by women, helping women maximise their role.

She expressed her hope that after the summit, state and government leaders will exert greater effort to create more favourable conditions for women at home and work, enabling them to make larger contributions to the creation of new economies.

This year’s event drew the participation of more than 1,100 delegates, including national leaders and spouses of state leaders and world economic giants. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak attended and delivered a speech at the summit.-VNA