Vice State President Nguyen Thi Doan on June 28 visited and presented gifts to children affected by Agent Orange at the Hoa Binh (Peace) Humanitarian Centre and the Hoa Binh Thanh Xuan Village in Hanoi .

At the Hoa Binh Humanitarian Centre, Vice President Doan praised the staff’s efforts to develop a model that can effectively care those children at the centre and when they are at home.

She said together with the Party, State and social organisations, the centre has helped reduce pains suffered by those children and give them equal chances to learn, play and integrate into the community.

Founded four year ago, the Hoa Binh Humanitarian Centre is providing care for 173 children, including 71 victims of Agent Orange, a toxic chemical sprayed by the US troops during the American war.

It plans to receive about 150 more disadvantaged children from 48 poor districts in mountainous, isolated and remote areas in the northern and central regions.

Visiting the Hoa Binh Thanh Xuan Village , Vice President Doan said that she was moved to witness children’s efforts and courage in fighting against their suffering.

She highlighted devotion to those disadvantaged children by doctors, nurses and medical workers at the village.

Established in 1991, the village has so far cared for over 2,000 children with deformities caused by Agent Orange and provided functional rehabilitations to thousands others.

Vice State President Doan presented 50 million VND to the Hoa Binh Humanitarian Centre and 60 million VND to the Hoa Binh Thanh Xuan Village during the visit./.