A meeting was held in Hanoi on Jan. 7 to mark the 33rd anniversary of the Victory over the Khmer Rouge Genocidal Regime in Cambodia.

Cambodian Permanent Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam On joined Vietnamese Vice President Nguyễn Thi Doan and Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Văn Ninh at the ceremony.

The President of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association, Vũ Mão affirmed the historical significance of the victory on January 7, 1979, saying that it opened up an era of independence, peace, freedom and development for Cambodia.

This was a victory of justice and the fighting solidarity between the Vietnamese and Cambodian peoples, he added.

During three years of ruling, the Pol Pot regime killed more than 2 million Cambodian people. It also launched a bloody war violating Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty.

Responding to the urgent appeal for help of the Cambodian people, and also in exercising the legitimate self-defence right to protect the sacred Vietnamese fatherland, the Vietnamese army and people helped the Cambodian people overturn the genocide regime.

Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam On thanked the Vietnamese Party, State and people for their great assistance for Cambodia in fighting the genocide regime.

This historical victory is an undeniable truth, she affirmed, adding that the Cambodian people have overcome all the hardships to successfully implement reconstruction and confidently integrate into the international community./.