In recent years, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) capital flow into Viet Nam keeps increasing and has become an important factor in the economic growth of Viet Nam.

FDI companies account for around 70 per cent of export value of Viet Nam. The FDI sector recorded a trade surplus of US$32.6 billion in the first 11 months of 2019.

The result is attributed to Viet Nam’s efforts in developing infrastructure in key economic and industrial zones. For example, the planning of Hai Phong into a new economic centre in the Northeast has attracted a large amount of FDI capital in hi-tech agriculture.

In the next decade, Viet Nam is expected to become an important market in the Southeast Asian region of foreign partners. However, Viet Nam needs to tackle a shortcoming of low productivity in order to keep its position as an investment centre of the region.

Besides, it is necessary to consider selecting a list of foreign investment restrictions to avoid unfair competition in terms of capacity with domestic businesses. That competition could make Viet Nam gradually lose products recognised as national brands./.