The Viet Tien Garments Joint Stock Corporation has reported that it will officially open an agent’s office in China ’s Guangzhou province, following its initial successes in Laos and Cambodia.

Viet Tien is also planning to expand its business operations to regional markets such as Myanmar , Thailand , Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore , Australia and New Zealand .

“Viet Tien Garments will put its strategy to develop its brand name into action to penetrate Europe after gaining initial successes in the Asian market,” said the corporation’s Deputy General Director, Phan Van Kiet.

General Director Bui Van Tien said that the corporation is also aiming to promote its image in Guangzhou province during the first phase of its strategy as China is Vietnam ’s biggest rival in terms of garments and textiles exports.

However, “made-in-Vietnam” garments have a good opportunity to secure a foothold in China because it is the world’s most populous market and has a diverse demand for goods, Tien stressed.

Viet Tien is one of the country’s biggest garments and textiles companies. In 2010, the corporation earned more than 200 million USD from exports, a year on year rise of nearly 20 percent./.